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11th July 2014
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July 31, 2014
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6 August, 2014
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Invited Talk & Discussion

Franco Zambonelli

Engineering Collective Behaviors in Future Smart Cities

Progresses in mobile and ubiquitous computing are paving the way for innovative services to perceive detailed information about the surrounding world and interact with it. In addition, social networks are promoting innovative models and tools to engage people in situated collaboration activities. These factors let us envision the possibility of integrating the complementary sensing, computing, and actuating capabilities of ICT devices and of humans to realize a number of innovative services to improve the smartness, the quality of life, and the sustainability of our future cities. Eventually, this could result in an immense number of inter-connected organisms working in an orchestrated and self-organizing way to achieve specific collective behaviors, as if they were a single organism, i.e., what in biology is usually called a "superorganism". In this talk, I will sketch the future vision of urban superorganisms and identify the key challenges in engineering innovative services that seemingly involve ICT devices and humans, and that harnessing the power of pervasive social intelligence to improve the quality and sustainability of our urban environments. In particular, I will discuss how the lessons of bio-inspired computing can be a promising starting points for the engineering of urban superorganisms, but also requires synthesizing lessons from socially-inspired computing models. I will also present my recent experience in the context of the SAPERE ("Self-aware Pervasive Service Ecosystems") European project, and will sketch directions for future research.