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Paper submission:
11th July 2014
(Hard deadline - no extensions)

Paper Acceptance Notification:
July 31, 2014
Camera Ready:
6 August, 2014
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N.B. Speakers should plan a 15 minute talk and allow 5 minutes for questions

Session 1: Fundamentals of Collective Adaptive Systems

09:30-09.50 Building blocks for aggregate programming of self-organising applications by Jacob Beal and Mirko Viroli

09:50-10:10 A Goal Model for Collective Adaptive Systems by Antonio Bucchiarone, Claudio Antares Mezzina and Heorhi Raik

10:10-10:30 Enabling Self-expression: the Use of Roles to Dynamically Change Adaptation Patterns by Mariachiara Puviani, Giacomo Cabri and Letizia Leonard

10.30-10.50 A Perspective on Defining the Collective Adaptive Systems Problem by Niranjan Suri and Andrew Scott

1100-1130 Coffee Break

Session 2: Applications of Collective Adaptive Systems

11.30-11.50 Data verification for collective adaptive systems: spatial model-checking of vehicle location data by Vincenzo Ciancia, Stephen Gilmore, Diego Latella, Michele Loreti and Mieke Massink

11.50-12.10 On Intention Propagation Based Prediction in Autonomously Selfadapting Navigation by Laszlo Z. Varga

12.10-12.30 Towards a Real World Simulator for Collaborative Distributed Learning in The Scenario of Urban Mobility by Andreas Poxrucker, Gernot Bahle and Paul Lukowicz

12.30-12.50 Modelling residential smart energy schemes by Vashti Galpin

1300-1400 Lunch

Session 3 : Invited Speaker and Panel Discussion

14:00-15:00 Engineering Collective Behaviours in Future Smart Cities by Franco Zambonelli

15:00-15.30 FOCAS Roadmapping : Activity & Discussion

1530-1600 Coffee Break

Session 4 Nature-Inspired Techniques for Collective Adaptive Systems

16.00-16.20 Social Adaptation of Robots for Modulating Self- Organization in Animal Societies by Payam Zahadat, Michael Bodi, Ziad Salem, Frank Bonnet, Marcelo Elias de Oliveira, Francesco Mondada, Karlo Griparic, Tomislav Haus, Stjepan Bogdan, Rob Mills,Pedro Mariano, Luis Correia, Olga Kernbach, Serge Kern- bach and Thomas Schmickl

16.20-16.40 On the ‘Local-to-Global’ Issue in Self-Organisation: Chemical Reactions with Custom Kinetic Rates by Stefano Mariani *best student paper

16.40-17.00 Scalability Issues of Firefly-based Self- Synchronization in Collective Adaptive Systems by Iva Bojic, Tomislav Lipic and Mario Kusek

1800-1930 FoCAS Science Café : SASO See - SASO Do